SPECIALISE your AWS Cloud Practice


Specialise your AWS journey

AWS specialisations are a key step in developing and differentiating your cloud practice.

Our team are here to help you realise your AWS goals throughout your specialisation journey.

We provide dedicated training and support modules that will upskill your teams and confirm your status as an expert in whichever AWS technologies you choose to offer.

Establish your Cloud practice with our Services

Our services are here to assist with your AWS specialisation journey, creating a seamless pathway, and reducing risk along the way by delivering predictable business outcomes.

For those just beginning, our services can assist you with this transformation and reduce the risks.

  • Transformation: We can help you to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy, addressing skills, tools, processes and more
  • Reduce Risk: Access valuable IT resources without upfront investment, and accelerate customer adoption of next
    generation technologies.

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The Right Cloud Services for Your Business

Take advantage of TD SYNNEX cloud services to build and scale your AWS practice. Discover our full catalogue in our cloud services infographic.


AWS Cloud Assessment and Migration Service

Develop an effective strategy towards fully integrating cloud and hybrid IT in your customers’ environments whilst lowering risk and reducing complexity

Specialise with TD SYNNEX

Get certified with us! Build your path and learn best practices with our Academy - AWS Certification Training. Select your location from the home page

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Simplify your AWS Cloud deployment with our Solutions

Through our pre-configured, click-to-run cloud solutions, we help remove complexity, increase your agility, and decrease your time to market.

Find out how your customers can receive the results they need faster, risk-free, and right-sized to their needs.

  • Rapidly deploy pre-configured, pre-validated solutions.
  • Receive expert support to move your end user customers to a hybrid IT strategy.
  • Leverage StreamOne to provision, bill, and manage all your cloud infrastructure, consumption plans, and software subscriptions in a single location.

Solutions Benefits and Practice

Delve deeper into Solutions Factory, and the potential it holds for your AWS practice by viewing our detailed infographic

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Why Click To Run™ Solutions?

Through our preconfigured Click To Run™ Solutions we help partners to remove complexity, increase agility and speed to market.

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Discover all the Solutions that we have to offer by downloading our resources. 

See the below pods for more information on each of our solutions

TD SYNNEX File Storage with Amazon EFS & TD SYNNEX Scalable Storage with Amazon S3

Build secure and highly scalable file storage environments in minutes.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

Deploy a fully managed database with a variety of common database engines to chose from.

TD SYNNEX Virtual Machines with AWS

Simplify the deployment of virtual instances within AWS.

TD SYNNEX ElastiCache for Redis

Create a in-memory caching environment capable of delivering Real-Time Apps and extreme performance.


Deploy this serverless environment in minutes. Benefit from the tremendous performance at virtually any scale.


Use Amazon RedShift to gain new insights and perspective from your data warehouse environment.