ACCELERATE your AWS Cloud Practice


Accelerate your AWS journey

The TD SYNNEX AWS path is about establishing your AWS practice the way you want it.

Using established methodology, the Accelerate, Specialise and Expand framework equips you with the tools, training, and ongoing support that will see you ready to sell AWS solutions within two weeks of starting your AWS Path with TD SYNNEX.

By taking advantage of our dedicated team of experts you’ll speed up your start into the AWS’s world, opening up your practice further to the huge potential on offer with AWS.

Meet the team

View the resources below to uncover the immense possibilities our Accelerate path holds for your business.

Value Proposition

Discover the full extent of the SMB opportunity when you become an AWS partner with TD SYNNEX by downloading the value proposition.

ATLAS Brochure

This in-depth resource is your guide to navigating everything from learning the basics of the AWS partner programme to unlocking advanced capabilities and scaling your AWS offering.

Reveal your Cloud Readiness

Take our express partner transformation assessment, to measure the maturity of your cloud practice and understand your best next steps with AWS and TD SYNNEX.

Let's get started

AWS path – A TD SYNNEX Cloud Practice Builder Programme built to Accelerate & Scale your AWS Business!

Wherever you are in your cloud journey you can move forward with TD SYNNEX. We guide you through the key steps how to work and accelerate your business with AWS. 

Explore the steps you can take below then download our eBook to start your AWS path today!

  • A wise person once said “On a journey from A to B it is always important to know where A is!”

    The TD SYNNEX Cloud Practice Builder is designed to help technology solutions providers rapidly and affordably build and accelerate their cloud technology business. It offers quality enablement resources and a simple, step-by-step path to making AWS a strategic part of your business. Our proven methodology and dedicated teams will support you through each step of the process.

    To start you on your AWS path, the AWS Team at TD SYNNEX would first recommend you take the Transformational Maturity Assessment (TMA) - Once you have completed the express assessment, your TD SYNNEX AWS path Concierge will be in touch to discuss in more details your next steps and will be available to help you build your AWS Business through the next steps.

    Express Assessment

  • Once you have completed the TMA and discussed the outcomes with your AWS path Concierge at TD SYNNEX, the information in this step will show you how to set up a trading account with TD SYNNEX and how to set up on the Amazon Partner Network (APN). 

    The key concept of the TD SYNNEX Cloud Practice Builder Methodology is to support your Cloud Practice to develop your AWS business and support your organisation to identify and progress along the right partner path, whether that be Consulting, Technology or ISV. Our AWS eBook will help you identify the path that is right for your business and with support form your concierge guide you through the requirements you need for each path and the benefits you will earn through that program.

  • As you onboard to TD SYNNEX and the APN,  your TD SYNNEX AWS team will help your company get set up on our StreamOne ION Enterprise platform and there will be opportunities to understand more how this market leading Cloud Platform can support and accelerate your AWS business.

    Solution Marketplace

    TD SYNNEX can also offer solutions such as CloudCheckr that can extend the analytics and management capabilities already in StreamOne ION Enterprise.

    Total Visibility Cloud Management Platform | CloudCheckr

  • There are two main paths people within your organisation can take to become certified on AWS – Sales (Business Professional Path) and Technical (Technical Professional Path). As well as clear Online, self-paced readiness through AWS,  TD SYNNEX offers foundational, Associate and Professional level trainer led courses - Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and education UK - TD SYNNEX Academy as well as extracurricular tools such as the AWS Challenge Lab to help extend and expand your teams learning experience with hands-on, scenario-based exercises – Challenge Lab 180 Day Library Pass

    Achieving AWS Certifications are a crucial part of not only demonstrating to your customers your in depth knowledge on AWS but form a key component of achieving Select and Advanced partner status for your organisation with AWS.

  • With TD SYNNEX, you can fast start your AWS business , with a choice of Click To Run Solutions developed by the TD SYNNEX Solutions Factory Team

    TD SYNNEX, Click-To-Run solutions are comprehensive pre-architected solutions, that simplify cloud deployments using automation, to create repeatable and ready to deploy solutions, saving your business time and cost deploying AWS solutions. With Core Infrastructure, Data Protection and Application Modernisation – Further details can be found here: Solution Marketplace

  • The APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program enables AWS Partners to build, grow, and drive successful customer engagements with AWS Sales. It provides Partners with a platform to collaborate with AWS Sales and Marketing teams, request funding, and technical support to help you co-sell with AWS.

    All AWS Partners can participate in the ACE Program, irrespective of where you are in your AWS Partner journey. APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program (

Cloud Practice Builder - AWS path programme eBook

Click here to download this eBook that show you the entire path to level up your competencies!