The NIS2 Directive


16 maj 24 Författare: Mahmod Ahmad

The latest version of the Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2), which has been adopted by the EU member states, imposes stricter enforcement of cybersecurity requirements throughout the union and ensures uniform sanctions. The directive will come into effect in October 2024, which means that it will be mandatory for applicable organizations in the member states to comply with

the new requirements.

NIS2's impact on IT partners and their end customers can be significant, as it introduces stricter cybersecurity requirements and enforcement measures. Here's how it may affect them:

Increased Responsibility: IT partners may find themselves with increased responsibility to ensure the cybersecurity of their products and services. This could involve implementing stronger security measures, conducting regular assessments, and providing evidence of compliance with NIS2 requirements.

Higher Standards: With NIS2 raising the bar for cybersecurity across the EU, IT partners may need to adhere to more stringent standards in the development, deployment, and maintenance of their solutions. This could involve adopting best practices, employing robust encryption methods, and implementing secure coding practices.

Risk Management: Both IT partners and their end customers will need to prioritize risk management strategies to mitigate cybersecurity threats effectively. This may include identifying potential vulnerabilities, implementing proactive security measures, and establishing incident response plans to address breaches promptly.

Compliance Obligations: IT partners may face additional compliance obligations under NIS2, requiring them to demonstrate compliance with specific cybersecurity requirements. Failure to meet these obligations could result in penalties, fines, or other sanctions, impacting both the IT partner and their end customers.

Cost Implications: Compliance with NIS2 may entail additional costs for IT partners, such as investment in cybersecurity technologies, staff training, and compliance audits. These costs may ultimately be passed on to end customers through higher prices for products and services.

Enhanced Security Awareness: NIS2 will contribute to increased awareness of cybersecurity risks among IT partners and their end customers. This could lead to greater emphasis on security education and training initiatives to ensure that both parties are equipped to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape effectively.

Overall, while NIS2 introduces challenges and obligations for IT partners and their end customers, it also presents opportunities to strengthen cybersecurity practices and enhance the resilience of digital ecosystems. By proactively addressing these challenges and embracing cybersecurity best practices, IT partners can better protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats.


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It can be challenging to determine whether it has done enough to comply with the anticipated measures – however the ethos and emphasis of the Directive is clear, and you should be working to understand your current capabilities and gaps and explore what could be done to better your cyber resilience and security posture.

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