Nya Azure plans är här - Agera nu!


10 nov 21 Författare: Sofia Lundberg

When Microsoft in November 2019 announced the new modern Azure Plan offer in the CSP, they also informed partners that the previous Azure offer and platform would continue to be available, alongside the new Azure experience, for some time, to give partners time to incorporate the new Azure features with their services and transition their customers to the new experience. 

The three phases of New Azure CSP, we are now in phase 2!

  • Phase 1 – July 21, 2021 all new Azure CSP business will be on the new Azure Plan offer.
  • Phase 2 – February 1, 2022 incentives and partner margin opportunity will be removed from the previous Azure offer. Please start converting already in November and December!
  • Phase 3 – Any remaining customers on the previous Azure offer will be migrated to the new Azure Plan offer in CSP. We will communicate the phase 3 start date to partners 6 months in advance.  

Next steps

With the new commerce experience partners get recognized for differentiated value-added services on an ongoing basis through the partner earned credit model. Partner earned credit rewards partners who focus on driving customer success via value-added services that generate sustainable profitability. Partners are highly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the partner earned credit model.



  • All price lists in Azure Plan is in USD only. No local price lists as in previous Azure offer. This ensure a consistent pricing across countries and regions.
  • Microsoft will continue to bill TD SYNNEX in local currency based on the Microsoft published exchange rate the given month, and TD SYNNEX will continue to bill partners in local currency.
  • Therefore the price in local currency for the same service may vary month by month depending on exchange rate.


  • We have no margin on Azure Plan. Instead we will get Partner Earned Credit – PEC – if we meet the requirements.
  • TD SYNNEX will invoice reseller (Microsoft MSRP price minus PEC + agreed uplift).
  • This change from margin to Partner Earned Credit has been done by Microsoft to encourage resellers to start providing managed services to their customers rather than just reselling Microsoft Azure.

Partner Earned Credit

  • TD SYNNEX, our reseller or both must have 24x7 operational control and management of the customer's Azure resources in CSP.
  • This means TD SYNNEX, our reseller or both must have admin privileges on the customer’s Azure subscription, Azure resource group and Azure resource.
  • Partners can gain 24x7 operational control and management of a customer's Azure resources in CSP by using different options provided through the role-based access control feature (RBAC).
    • Admin on Behalf Of (AOBO)
    • Azure Lighthouse
    • Directory or Guest Users or Service Principals
  • As TD SYNNEX, we are automatically assigned AOBO rights to perform administrative tasks on the customers Azure AD tenant on behalf of customers. Therefore we and our resellers will by default get Partner Earned Credits on any subscription in Azure Plan.
  • Reseller and end-customers does not have admin rights, unless provided by us.
  • However, if for some reason we provide customer the ownership of subscriptions or resources, and the customer choose to remove us, TD SYNNEX will no longer get Partner Earned Credits, but invoiced the full MSRP price from Microsoft. We will continue to add our uplift, and the invoice to reseller will be higher than MSRP price.
  • PEC is calculated daily and can be viewed in the daily usage file and monthly invoice recon file. A partner (indirect provider or indirect reseller) must have access for the entire day (24x7) to ensure they earn PEC.
  • Cloud Ops does monitor the PEC eligibility and will notify us, if the PEC is lost.   


  • To earn incentives on Azure Plans, the reseller must be Microsoft Gold Partner on Cloud Platform Competency.
  • If reseller is only silver, no incentives. If reseller is Gold on another competency, but not Cloud Platform, no incentives.

Azure Cost Management

  • If you give customer access to Azure Cost Management, the customer will always see the Microsoft MSRP pricing.
  • We are able to use Azure Cost Management to check if PEC is applied



  • If your Azure business is currently in StreamOne Cloud Marketplace (SCM), you can transition your customers with self-service via the Customer Admin section.
  • If you are an StreamOne ION Enterprise (SIE) Partner, we have created a Excel Request Form for you to complete, and provide us with authorisation and approval to request the transition of your customer(s) to Azure Plan on your behalf. This will include the information we require to make the transition request to our Central Operations Team


  • Moving from the previous Azure commerce platform to the new Modern Commerce platform (Azure Plan) is a seamless experience and does not incur any service interruption or downtime.
  • Important; once migrated, the customer cannot regret. No option to revert back from Azure plan to previous Azure offer.
  • The migration is available in SCM with a click of a button.
  • For SIE, please contact Nordic License Desk and Cloud Ops will finalize the migration.
  • Azure plans transfers from other partners are available by Microsoft and needs to be done manually on PAC UI (no API) by contacting Nordic License Desk. It is a seamless experience and does not incur any service interruption or downtime for end customers.


  • All calculations on Modern Azure Plan are calculated by calendar month (same like previous Azure in SIE)
  • However, TD SYNNEX will not receive invoice from Microsoft until ~8th in the following calendar month.
  • Therefore reseller will receive invoice from TD SYNNEX ~15th for the usage in previous calendar month. Ex. reseller will receive invoice for January ~15th February.  


Partner Earned Credit / Cost Management: