Important update to the new commerce migration timeline


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13 maj 24 Författare: Kjeld Larsen

There's an update to the previously announced migration timeline for CSP legacy education and nonprofit offers to new commerce.

Most nonprofit and education offers are now available in CSP in the new commerce experience. This makes it possible for partners to manage all CSP seat-based business in one experience with same commercial terms and conditions.

Microsoft has already started to renew any remaining legacy CSP commercial segment offers to the new experience terms and conditions on the subscription anniversary date. Soon Microsoft will start renewing also nonprofit and education offers to the new commerce experience.

Most subscriptions are annual terms with monthly payments, and will renew on same term in new commerce, and customers will therefore commit for 12 months if they take no action before the anniversary date.

Therefore, please make sure, you engage your customers to ensure, they understand and accept the new commerce terms and conditions. You may consider changing your terms to annual payment terms (charging customers upfront for full 12 months) to minimize your financial risk, or change the terms to monthly terms (adding a 20% price increase).

  • Beginning August 1, 2024, new subscription purchases for available nonprofit and education offers must be on new commerce.
  • Microsoft-led migration effort will now begin with Public Sector offers renewing no earlier than September 1, 2024, and will continue with all offers renewing throughout calendar years 2024 and 2025.
  • We encourage partners to stay in control of renewals and plan to migrate their customers from legacy to new commerce.
  • Please engage with your TD SYNNEX team to plan your renewals in NCE.


Key milestone                                   

Previously announced       

Revised date                  

New subscription purchase must be on new commerce

May 1, 2024

August 1, 2024

Microsoft led migration for Public Sector

July 1, 2024

No earlier than September 1, 2024

End of legacy incentives

December 31, 2024

March 31, 2025


Important legacy to new commerce transition considerations

Retiring offers:

  • Some legacy offers won't be migrated to new commerce.
  • Partners can review the list of legacy offers scheduled for retirement in the CSP Offer Retirement Guide.
  • This guide is updated monthly with lists of offer IDs being retired, the dates after which renewals stop and guidance for partners on how to fill the gap for subscriptions that stop renewing to new terms.


  • CSP legacy offers might have a different name in the new commerce system.


  • There are a small number of CSP legacy offers that have a different price in the new commerce system.
  • The price partners pay can also be affected by FX rates, depending on regional FX rate fluctuations.