Changes to Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project Plans


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13 maj 24 Författare: Kjeld Larsen

Microsoft has made changes to Microsoft Planner included in Microsoft 365 plans and renaming Project Plan 1 to Planner Plan 1.   

Microsoft is bringing together the simplicity of Microsoft To Do, the collaboration of Microsoft Planner, the power of Microsoft Project for the web and the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot into a simple, familiar experience – the new Planner.

Discover a new way to manage tasks for individual plans and team initiatives, as well as larger scale project management, aligned to goals and key strategic objectives. The new Planner will easily scale from simple task management to enterprise project management, empowering everyone to manage their work in one place and accelerate business outcomes.

The new Microsoft Planner journey starts in Teams

The new Microsoft Planner is available in Microsoft Teams. Users with a Microsoft 365 license will have access to a rich set of capabilities for individual and team work management. These include the ability to create and edit tasks and plans, see a full list of tasks assigned to you within My Tasks, various plan views (Grid, List, and Board), My Day, and more.

When you are ready to experience premium features within the new Planner, simply click on the diamond icon within the app where you can begin your free 30-day trial of these advanced capabilities or proceed with requesting a premium license. Some premium features include Timeline (Gantt) view, dependencies, sprints, custom fields, team workload, managing goals, and more!

Project Plan 1 is now Planner Plan 1

As part of the new Planner experience and branding, Microsoft has changed the name of the Project Plan 1 license to Planner Plan 1. There are no changes in pricing or features. The current Project Plan 3 and Project Plan 5 will not be renamed at this time.

Copilot capabilities in the new Planner

Microsoft has started to roll out Copilot in Planner (preview) to users with a Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5 license.

With the power of generative AI, Copilot in Planner streamlines the planning, management, and execution of your work, keeping you informed as you achieve your goals:

  • Help you get started with a plan – Copilot can take a natural language prompt and generate a plan for you, including goals, tasks and subtasks, and buckets
  • Help you manage your plan – As your plan evolves, Copilot can help suggest new tasks for you based on your new goals and keep you organized with new buckets where needed. Copilot can even help you add goals to your plan and generate tasks to achieve those goals
  • Help you track progress – Copilot can answer questions about your plan and help you stay informed about the latest developments

While final pricing for Copilot in Planner has not been announced, if you already have a Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5 license, you will be able to preview Copilot in Planner capabilities once it is rolled out to your organization.

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