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22 aug 23 Författare: Kjeld Larsen

We hope, you had a great vacation and is safe back to work. During the summer Microsoft has entered a new financial year with new sales priorities, updated solution plays, updates to partner programs and changes to incentive programs coming in October.

  • The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program – MCPP – is now Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program – MCAIPP – showing partners, Microsoft is serious about AI.
  • Academic and charity products coming to NCE in November, and enforcement of legacy subscriptions to NCE starting in January.
  • AI, AI, AI and AI – and copilot – in almost all engagements.

Yes – a lot of topics to catch up, consume, learn, digest and priority. And we do not yet have copilot to assist us making a summary and help us priority…

In TD SYNNEX, we are prepared. To support you catch up on the news from Microsoft and Inspire, we have created this blogpost with a summary of the most important things to know to do business and engage in conversations with customers. Links to details, training and supporting assets are included. The blogpost is long, but please take your time to read all. It will help you and may save your time finding information yourself. 

Here is a recording from our webinar were we presented the most important information.


“The era of AI is now!”

Microsoft CEO and Chairman Satya Nadella took the Inspire 2023 stage and hammered one point above all others: “The era of AI is now!”

Satay Nadella called AI the next platform shift, comparing it first to the computer interface moving from a keyboard and mouse to a natural language interface and adding a reasoning engine over all your data behind it.

The second part will be what Nadella called, “a massive platform opportunity,” equal to the three previous eras of PC/server, web/internet, and cloud/mobile. He predicted this new AI era will increase the global GDP of $100 trillion by $7-$10 trillion additional dollars. The partner ecosystem opportunity will add another $2 to $2.5 trillion dollars to the $4 trillion in IT services spent now.

Over 40 announcements and innovations were presented during Inspire 2023, and during his keynote address, Nadella highlighted five:

  • Bing Chat Enterprise
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • Microsoft Sales Copilot
  • Power Automate Process Mining
  • Meta’s Llama 2 on Azure and Windows

ChatGPT vs Bing Chat Enterprise

You already know ChatGPT. Consider, only 12 months ago, none of us knew about this product. Today, everybody is speaking about generative AI, and ChatGPT has the fastest user adoption of any application ever beating Facebook, TikTok and other social platform.

But using ChatGPT in a company with company data is not secure and should be avoided. Most likely, soon we will see IT organizations block access to the application. Using company sensitive information inside the free version of ChatGPT will help train the model, and company data risk to be exposed to other users.

Bing Chat Enterprise is based on the same technology and is safe for business users to use.

  • Bing Chat Enterprise is available in preview at no additional cost for customers who are licensed for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard and Business Premium.
  • A stand-alone subscription will be available in the future for $5 USD per user per month.
  • User and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization. You can be confident that chat data is not saved, Microsoft has no eyes-on access to it, and it is not used to train the models.
  • Access via com/chat

What can I do with Bing Chat Enterprise?

Your employees can use Bing Chat Enterprise to get work done faster, be more creative or support customers better. All of this can be done with the confidence that user and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization. For example, Bing Chat Enterprise can help employees quickly generate content, analyze, or compare data, summarize documents, and learn new skills.

  • Understand the implication of a decision: Ask “What are pros and cons of newsletter marketing strategies?” and “How can I measure the success of my campaign?”.
  • Prepare for your next meeting: Ask “Help me write a sales pitch for Microsoft Defender”.
  • Learn new skills: Ask “What are the top 5 things I should know when managing a large project?”.
  • Summarize a PDF report: Open the report in Edge and ask “Recap the findings of this internal cybersecurity report and the top 3 concerns”.
  • Plan your business trip: Ask “What local food should I try eat in Finland and what is the best restaurants nearby TD SYNNEX office?”.
  • Generate social media content: “Read the invite for this event and summarize the business outcome in 5 lines to use for a social media post on LinkedIn”.
  • Prepare your next QBU: Ask “Create a swot analysis about our business goals and impact”.

Related information:

Microsoft 365 copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI Large Language Model (LLM) tool that can help you write, summarize, and create from within the Microsoft Office applications. Think of it as something of an embedded ChatGPT or Bing Chat Enterprise within each individual Office app giving you smart advice during your work, helping you be more productive and creative, speed up boring tasks and free up time for you to add more value and fun.

As an example, do you come late to a Teams meeting, copilot can tell you create a summary of what has been discussed so far, and what decisions has been made.

Inspire news:

  • The price of Microsoft 365 copilot was announced at Inspire keynote. The monthly price per user will be $30 USD. The license will be sold as an add on and will require the user to have either and will require Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3 or Microsoft 365 E5 license.
  • Some may consider this a steep price compared to the price of ex. Microsoft 365 Business at $22 USD or Microsoft 365 E3 at $36 USD. But consider the business and productivity value of copilot, and the high interest in the market to try the product. People are starving to test. Chances are this will be fastest selling Microsoft product ever with high user adoption. And consider, people already pay 20 USD for ChatGPT Plus subscriptions.  
  • Microsoft 365 copilot is currently available only in private preview, and no date for public preview or GA is set yet. Most likely copilot will later this year become available in public preview for resellers and companies to try, but for now this is speculation only.    

First step for SMB customers to get ready for AI and copilot is to get Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Microsoft has created some assets to assist partners in conversations with customers.

More information:

Microsoft Copilot Sales Bootcamp 20-22 September

The copilot bootcamp is a multi-day partner event addressing the new era of AI across the Microsoft Cloud, open to all role types, to learn more about Microsoft AI capabilities from both business and technical aspects, with an overview of each Microsoft copilot solution.

In this event, Microsoft will demystify AI and copilot by covering the narrative, customer conversations and technical requirements to take the advantage of the AI opportunity.

  • What are Azure OpenAI and copilot, and what are their capabilities.
  • Understanding the AI and copilot narrative and customer conversation.
  • Customer technical requirements to adopt the various copilots.
  • How copilot is licensed.
  • Leveraging copilot to accelerate Dynamics, Microsoft 365 and PowerPlatform sales.
  • Privacy, security, and compliance.

The bootcamp will take place over 3 days from September 20-22 – each day 90 minutes sessions on different topics. Please Register here to get access to live and on-demand recordings.

Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

Microsoft has chosen to rebrand the Cloud Partner Program – MCPP – to Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program – MAICPP. This expands the program from focusing only on cloud partners to welcome ISV partners with new programs and benefits for those partners and an investment in partners with focus on building and modernizing AI applications on Azure. By making such a significant name change, it will be clear to all partners the focus Microsoft will have on AI technology.  

  • MCPP is now MAICPP to MAICPP – Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.
  • There are no changes to the 6 Solution Partner designations. These will remain the same.
  • Updates to skilling requirements making it easier to archive and maintain some designations and specializations. Read more.
  • New prerequisite and more flexible approach to meeting security designation skilling requirements. Read more / Download overview of security skilling changes / Details.
  • New Training Services Partner designation replacing the legacy Learning Partner Program. Partners enrolled in the AI Cloud Partner Program will be able to access the Training Services partner performance reports in Partner Center. TD SYNNEX become among first partners to archive the new training partner designation for Azure training.
  • A new Support Partner designation is expected to launch in the latter half of 2024, and TD SYNNEX is currently investigating, how we can qualify for this.
  • Specializations becomes more important. Not only to display partner expertise, but also to get access to Microsoft Funding, go-to-market programs, and co-selling opportunities. 
  • Microsoft has announced new Business Applications specializations, one new Data and A.I. (Azure) specialization, and merged two Azure specializations into a single Infrastructure specialization. Read more.


Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology (MCEM)

  • MCEM is an established framework and methodology used internal in Microsoft how to address customer conversations and sales opportunities.
  • Microsoft are now introducing this framework also to partners.
  • MCEM connects Microsoft Sales, Support, Industry Solutions Delivery, and partners across the five sales stages, so together we can deliver more value for customers.
  • This is important for us as partners to understand, as this will be the key to understand Microsoft priorities and investment policies.
  • We will see Microsoft partner programs and partner earning opportunities change to support the methodology, ex. incentive programs. 
  • Also, Microsoft Assets like the solution playbooks, customer workshop assets and marketing assets are updated to align with the methodology.


Microsoft FY24 Partner Earning Opportunities / Incentives

Microsoft incentives rewards partners driving sales, adoption, and usage of Microsoft services, and are aligned to Microsoft solution area priorities.

  • CSP Incentives are available to partners with a Solution Partner designation. Some incentives may require further specializations.
  • If a partner is not yet eligible to Solution Partner designations, the partner can continue to renew their old MPN Silver/Gold benefits and will still be eligible for CSP incentives in FY24. Please refer to the incentive guides for details on partners eligibility.
  • Specializations becomes more important. Not only to display partner expertise, but also to get access to Microsoft Funding, go-to-market programs, and co-selling opportunities. These emphases partners must attain specializations to get access to new earning opportunities
  • Microsoft is introducing new incentive cap impacting only large end-customer deals. The intention is to avoid conflicting interests on Microsoft Led Customer Agreements / EA vs CSP. Earning caps are calculated on customer tenant / partner location ID combination. Therefore, partner B will not be impacted if a customer already purchase from partner A.
  • From October 2023 many legacy incentives programs only available to EA/Direct customers will move to the MCI platform (new commerce for incentives…) and many will become available also to CSP partners. For details, please pay attention to the detailed incentives guides, as they become available early September.   
  • FY24 Incentives are valid from 1. October 2023 to 30. September 2024.
  • Please refer to incentive guides for details on partner eligibility, earning and payout types, any documentation required or special instructions for claiming incentives. 


Microsoft Solution Plays and FY24 Playbooks

A solution play is a prioritized sales focus area from Microsoft and a business opportunity for partners to tap in a leverage the sales and marketing engine from Microsoft. Microsoft support these Solution Plays with sales guidance, ready to use customer presentations, marketing assets, social media assets, product promotions and much more. In the playbooks, partners can find guidance and assets.

Find details in the playbooks:

New in FY24 is the SMB Partner Execution Guidance. These guides help partners with an overview and guidance of possible activities ready to execute current quarter aligned to the new MCEM methodology mentioned before.

Microsoft Sales Advisor

  • Microsoft Project Orland is now named Microsoft Sales Advisor, and now available to all Microsoft partners in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.
  • Sales Advisor provide partners with AI powered upgrade recommendations and insights leveraging the same account management data models used by Microsoft sellers.
  • Partners can now see upcoming Microsoft NCE Renewals in Sales Advisor and get upgrade advisories.  

Related information:

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Microsoft 365 is getting more features to help resellers deliver managed services to customers at scale. Through a single pane of glass, partners can standardize configurations, improve security, manage risk, and engage with your a key tool for a MSP, and we all need to understand the capabilities and guide our partners to use this tool. 


Security of partners and customers continue to be high priority for Microsoft:

  • MSPs are urged to introduce Microsoft Defender and Sentinel to their clients since cloud services are required to power the Security Copilot applications. TD SYNNEX have a strong solution with our partnership with Chorus and will continue partner conversations on SOC services.
  • Microsoft Security Copilot will use AI to help ease the lack of trained security techs by analyzing incidents and creating reports, including an attack diagram and even the ability to reverse engineer the attack code.

Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive.

  • Microsoft 365 Backup backs up and quickly restores an organization’s data to a prior point-in-time at unprecedented speeds after a catastrophic event or unforeseen data loss. Microsoft 365 Backup provides a recovery solution for your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange data while keeping it all within the Microsoft 365 security boundary.
  • Microsoft 365 Archive offers you a cost-effective, long-term storage of inactive or aging files that they still want to maintain for compliance or retention requirements. Microsoft 365 Archive gives users a cold data storage tier that enables organizations to keep inactive or aging data within SharePoint. With in-place content archiving, Microsoft 365 Archive allows the data to retain Microsoft 365’s security compliance and search metadata.
  • Microsoft will be extending Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive APIs to their backup partners to integrate these new capabilities into existing data management and protection tools.
  • Avepoint will integrate with the new backup API. Read more.
  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 will integrate with the new backup API. Read more.

To assist partners, Microsoft is investing in cybersecurity skilling with their Security Immersion Training events. This training provides gamified technical training that helps partners bring their cybersecurity skilling to life and is broken into three learning paths:

  • Into the Breach — focusing on threat protection leveraging Microsoft Sentinel
  • On the Brink — focusing on data security leveraging Microsoft Purview
  • Shadow Hunter — focusing on multi-cloud protection leveraging Microsoft Defender for Cloud


Not a surprise, Microsoft continue to add new services to Azure. If you want to know more, please explore the Azure Partner Blog, and watch the recorded Inspire sessions.

Some key news and announcements from Inspire:

  • Azure Migrate and Modernize tool gains new features. This tool is intended for partners who take customers through cloud assessments to Azure migration. They can go to Azure Migrate in the Azure portal and discover the customer’s data center inventory, which has assessment tools to help create a migration path. It can also help organizations build a business case for migration. Changes include expanded capabilities for the free Azure Migrate tool, extended services in Azure Confidential Computing and a preview for Azure Boost, a virtualization tool for processes traditionally handled by a hypervisor.
  • Extended Security Updates enabled by Azure Arc: With Windows Server 2012/R2 and SQL Server 2014 end of support approaching, customers can remain protected by upgrading or using Extended Security Updates, available for free in Azure or purchasable for on-premises deployments. For customers who cannot meet the deadline, we are announcing Extended Security Updates enabled by Azure Arc. With Azure Arc, customers will be able to purchase and seamlessly deploy Extended Security Updates in on-premises or multi-cloud environments, right from the Azure portal.
  • Azure Boost is a new system that offloads virtualization processes traditionally performed by the hypervisor and host OS onto next-generation hardware infrastructure, delivering new levels of performance and security for your workloads. With Boost, Microsoft provide remote storage throughput of up to 10GB/s and up to 400K IOPS, enabling the fastest storage workloads in the market today. 
  • Azure OpenAI Service Regional Expansion. Increased availability in North America and Western Europe.
  • Microsoft and Meta expand their AI partnership with Llama 2 on Azure and Windows. Now Azure customers can fine-tune and deploy the 7B, 13B, and 70B-parameter Llama 2 models easily and more safely on Azure, the platform for the most widely adopted frontier and open models. In addition, Llama will be optimized to run locally on Windows. Read more.
  • Azure AI model catalog empowers developers to apply AI, including GPT-4 and a library of other AI from Hugging Face, to their applications.

Dynamics 365

With the new ai-powered copilot features in Dynamics 365 applications, Microsoft is making a giant leap and open new doors for partners to engage with customers to establish a new framework for optimizing business and sales processes.

Using Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power BI together, customers can get a 360-degree view of their business and get actionable insights with Copilot across applications, ex. within familiar applications like Outlook and Teams.

Copilot in Business Apps includes:

  • Microsoft Sales Copilot. Saves sellers time with CRM task automation, auto-generated email or meeting summaries, and more. Sellers can go from one customer meeting to the next feeling prepared, armed with AI-powered, real-time insights such as top opportunities and customer opportunity summaries. Sales Copilot also helps sellers with customer follow-up by generating AI-assisted content and recommendations, such as contextual emails based on Outlook and CRM data.
  • Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. A 360-degree view of the customer profile, associated marketing interactions, and predicted customer lifetime value to guide both sellers and service agents in their customer interactions. Discover new insights with AI using natural language. Create customer segments for target audiences, generate new ideas for emails and campaigns, and build new customer journeys based on business goals, target audiences, and flows.
  • Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Save time and drive sales with AI-suggested product descriptions. Use Copilot to create engaging marketing text, tailored to your brand, and differentiate similar products by asking Copilot to include key attributes like color, material, and size. Publish to Shopify or other ecommerce stores with just a few clicks.
  • Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Resolve issues faster, handle cases more efficiently, and automate time-consuming tasks with AI. Chat with Copilot to diagnose issues, ask follow-up questions, and discover solutions, and draft personalized chat or email customer responses with the right tone. Generate content in context with live conversation and trusted support resources.
  • Copilot in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Avoid stockouts, catch supply chain problems early, and automate supplier collaboration with predictive insights and AI-suggested email drafts.
  • Copilot in Power BI. Use natural language to bring data to life by simply describing the visuals and insights that one is looking for. Copilot will help you create a dashboard or report—complete with visualizations and summaries—and help refine it. One can dig into the data further by asking questions. Copilot will find the right answer.

AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move) is a brand-new program that offers a tailored path for customers to move from on-premises to cloud-first Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications. The program supports partners, and includes access to a team of migration advisors, expert business value and technology assessments, investment offers, tools and migration support for qualified customers.

Next step:


Independent software vendors continue to be a high investment area for Microsoft for future growth opportunities, and the rename of the partner program from MCPP to MAICPP emphasize this. I will assume, 20% of the content at Inspire was targeted the ISV audience with sessions on program offers, Azure marketplace opportunities etc.

  • General availability of the ISV Success program. This program is designed to take promising early-stage independent software vendors and help them build "well-architected" applications, publish on the Microsoft Marketplace, and grow sales. It includes as a key benefit thousands of dollars in access to Microsoft and Azure services.
  • Empowering partners to make their own AI assistants. Partners demonstrated how they made their own AI assistants to prepare for meetings and make strategic business decisions.
  • ISV Success participants get access to GitHub Copilot at the end of 2023. This copilot acts as an AI-enabled paired programmer and suggests lines of code to programmers to speed up the process. GitHub Copilot writes 46 percent of code for developers who use it and enables developers to code up to 55 percent faster, according to Microsoft.

Links: Accelerate innovation with ISV Success

Partner-to-partner and Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

  • Microsoft continues to invest in partner-to-partner approach and making it easier for partners to collaborate to win deals and customers.
  • The Microsoft commercial marketplace is the central tool for this approach, and Microsoft has announced new co-sell changes and have announced new features, like multiparty private offers to empower partners to work together to sell customized deals through the marketplace.
  • Please note that the multiparty private offers are only available in US and we have no timeline on further expansion into Europe.

Next Step for Microsoft New Commerce

In fiscal year 2024, Microsoft will take two important steps toward retirement of the CSP legacy commerce platform. Beginning in November 2023, Academic and Charity offers will be available in new commerce for new and renewing customers, and starting in January 2024, Microsoft will begin automatic migration of all renewing commercial, academic and charity customers to new commerce.  

Automatic renewal of legacy subscriptions to NCE

  • From January 2024 Microsoft will enforce renewals of legacy subscriptions to NCE on annual term.
  • The Microsoft-led migration will occur on the date of subscription renewal, starting with all subscriptions renewing in January 2024 and continuing throughout the 2024 calendar year.
  • Resellers will have seven days after migration is complete to change the subscription term, quantity or cancel the subscription if necessary.
  • After 7 days, reseller will be committed for a full annual term with no change or cancellation option until next renewal date.
  • Resellers will not be notified by Microsoft upon or after renewal.
  • The benefits of proactively migrating customers’ subscriptions include the ability to amend terms and conditions and the ability to socialize this change with indirect resellers and others in the partner’s ecosystem. 

Education and Charity in NCE

  • Microsoft has announced educational SKUs and charity SKUs will become available in NCE from 1. November 2023.
  • Some products may not become available in NCE, ex. special promotional SKUs. These will remain in legacy for existing customers.
  • At first renewal date after January 2024, Microsoft will enforce renewals in NCE. The Microsoft-led migration will occur on the date of subscription renewal, starting with all subscriptions renewing in January 2024 and continuing throughout the 2024 calendar year.

Product News and New Product Announcements

  • Mobile Threat Defense now available in Microsoft Defender for Business.
  • With new monthly security summary reports in Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Defender for Business, customers and partners will be able to see threats prevented, status from Microsoft Secure Score and recommendations.
  • Microsoft Fabric is a new unified SaaS experience that provides all the necessary capabilities for AI-powered analytics across Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Power BI, and the next generation of Synapse. Read more
  • Power Automate Process Mining provides AI-powered insights that enable customers to optimize existing processes and drive efficiencies with low-code automation. Read more.
  • Power Automate Attended RPA per user license is now named Power Automate Premium and the price is reduced from $40 USD to €15 USD per user per month. Read more.
  • Viva Sales is now named Microsoft Sales Copilot. Viva Sales is included in Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, Sales Premium and Relationship Sales at no extra cost, or available as stand-a-lone SKU priced at $40 USD per month. The product embeds Copilot functionality and CRM data from Salesforce, Dynamics 365 or other platforms within Microsoft 365, and includes automated information about sales opportunities, integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot and PowerPoint and tips generated in real time in a Teams meeting, such as providing context when the customer mentions a competitor.
  • Microsoft are combining Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing into one single license. The new offer will retain the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights name and have a new licensing model available to transact on September 1, 2023. Read more.
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is now named Microsoft Entra ID. With this change Microsoft are unifying the identity and network access portfolio under the Microsoft Entra brand. No actions are required by customers. Read more.
  • Might be old news, but may have slipped your attention, in May Microsoft did introduce new Attach Licenses for Business Central Premium: D365 Sales and D365 Customer Service priced $20 per application. Partner Campaign Assets here
  • Microsoft educational and charity products will become available in NCE from November. Please see special section above about NCE.
  • For partners with education customers, please note Microsoft has made some changes to storage offerings across the Microsoft 365 Suite for education. Read more / Assets.
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC is a full version of Windows 10 with specialized features to create dedicated devices locked down to a specific set of applications and peripherals. This enterprise motion for CSP and VL channels maps to the lifecycle for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021.

NCE Promotions

The below promotions are available from Microsoft.

  • At subscription renewal date, the subscription with promotion renews into regular price, which includes any price increases that might have been announced.
  • If the subscription has a promotion applied, the term and billing plans can be changed only at the end of the subscription’s term.

Introductory pricing for Teams Premium extended

  • The introductory price for Teams Premium has been extended to 31 December 2023.
  • $7 USD estimated retail price (ERP) per user per month.
  • Teams Premium prices will increase to standard pricing for new customers upon the end of the introductory pricing period.
  • Teams Premium is available as an add-on, per-user per-month offering to commercial Microsoft 365 and Office 365 licensing.
  • Teams Premium resources for partners

Windows 365 CSP Promotion: Save 20%

  • Introductory offer for existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium Customers. Customers who have purchased M365 BP in any channel & platform will qualify. 
  • 20% of Windows 365 Enterprise annual price for eligible customers.
  • Annual term subscriptions only (annual/monthly payment).
  • Up to 300 seats per eligible customer, no minimum seat requirements.
  • Purchase from 1. July 2023 to 31. December 2023.
  • Read details / Read FAQ

Microsoft 365 Business Premium New Customer promotion: Save 15%

  • Only available to new Microsoft cloud license customers = no active or expired O365/M365/D365 subscriptions.
  • Important: Trials are also included in the constrains of this offer, and customers with any current or previous use of any per-user license trial (O365/M365/D365) are not eligible for the promotion.
  • Intended for non-cloud on-premises customers and customers with competing 3rd party cloud solutions, ex. Google, Zoom.
  • 15% of Microsoft 365 BP annual price for eligible customers.
  • Annual term subscriptions only  (annual/monthly payment).
  • Up to 300 seats per eligible customer, no minimum seat requirements.
  • Purchase from 1. August 2023 to 31. December 2023.
  • Read details / Read FAQ

Microsoft 365 E3 promotion extended: Save 15%

  • Available to new Microsoft 365 E3 customers only.
  • Intended to upsell from ex. Office 365 E3 or from on-premises software.
  • 15% of Microsoft 365 E3 annual price for eligible customers.
  • Annual term subscriptions only (annual/monthly payment).
  • Purchase from 1. February 2023 to 30. September 2023.
  • Read details

Microsoft Entra ID Governance Promotion

  • This promotion provides a discounted price on the new Microsoft Entra ID Governance Step-Up for eligible customers.
  • Purchase from 1 July 2023 to 31. December 2023.
  • Customers purchasing the promo SKUs must have AAD P2, or Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 Security.
  • Customers with EMS E5 are not eligible for the promo SKUs.
  • Learn more.

Power Virtual Agent promo

  • Promotion Offer for customers to try Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Chat Session for Virtual Agent for a discounted price and a limited time.
  • Purchase from 1 April 2022 to 31. December 2023.
  • 37,5% percent discount off the list price.
  • Learn more.

Dynamics 365 “Bridge to cloud” promotion – 40% discount for existing on-premises customers

  • This promotion provides discounted Dynamics 365 online services for eligible Dynamics on-premises commercial customers committed to migrating to the cloud.
  • Purchase from 1 February 2023 to 31. December 2024.
  • Discount of 40 percent for a three-year fixed term (non-renewable, non-cancellable)
  • Most Dynamics 365 SKUs with a three-year term are eligible; see product list in Exhibit A of the policy document
  • Available to existing Dynamics on-premises commercial customers (as of September 1, 2022) with current/active Enhancement Plan (EP). Promotion is not available for net-new customers.
  • Customer’s monthly CSP cost must be equal or or greater than its EP cost (as suggested pricing per month)
  • Read more.

Other News

Partner skills.

  • New exams MD-102 and MS-102 will be released 6. September. Old exams will expire 30. September.

European Commision Investigation of Microsoft Teams.

  • The European Commission (EC) announced that they will be opening a formal antitrust investigation into the inclusion of Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Read more.
  • In case you get questions from customers, you can send them this link with information on Microsoft's position on the investigation.

Upcoming events / webinars:

Did you not yet attend Inspire?

Almost all sessions from Inspire are recorded and available on-demand. This year they introduce a new format to watch recordings – curated collections – organized by topic to make it easier for you to get up-to-date on latest solutions and program changes.

I will recommend you watch the full keynote (~2 hours) with Satya Nadella, CEO and Judson Althoff, Chief Commercial Officer.

Microsoft also hosted a Modern Work themed pre-day with 16 short sessions: